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Our offer includes new EPAL Euro pallets and pallets that meet phytosanitary requirements.

  1. New EPAL Euro pallets


    Item Quantity Description Dimensions Material
    1. 2 Bottom lead board 1200x100x22 Softwood UIC-435-2
    2. 2 Top lead board 1200x145x22 Softwood UIC-435-2
    3. 1 Top side deck board 1200x145x22 Softwood UIC-435-2
    4. 3 Bottom deckboard 800x145x22
    Softwood UIC-435-2
    5. 1 Top central deckboard 1200x145x22 Softwood UIC-435-2
    6. 2 Top central deckboard 1200x100x22 Softwood UIC-435-2
    7. 6 Side Stringer 145x100x78 Softwood UIC-435-2
    8. 3 Central Stringer 145x145x78 Softwood UIC-435-2

    EPAL 1

    EPAL pallet 1 is the most popular pallet type with dimensions of 1200x800 mm. Deckboards (arranged longitudinally), and three bottom deckboards that are placed along three pallet skids are made of solid wood, and the stringers may be made of solid wood or particulated wood. The table below shows the exact dimensions of the individual elements of Euro pallets EPAL 1 at wood moisture content of 22%. All dimensions are in millimeters, according to UIC 435 and EN 13698-1.

    EPAL 2
    EPAL pallet 2’s dimensions are:  1200 x 1000 mm, where the longer side has a length of 1200 mm. 9 top deck boards are arranged laterally. Three runners are located along the pallet and two are located at the shorter sides.

    On two STRINGRES with an EPAL sign, there is a characteristic sign containing Nr. “2” in an oval shaped circle.

    EPAL 3
    EPAL Euro Pallet 3 dimensions’ are of 1000 × 1200 mm . 9 top boards are arranged longitudinally. At the bottom of the three skids are arranged along the pallet.

    On Stringers with an EPAL sign, there is a characteristic sign containing Nr. “3” in an oval shaped circle.

  3. Phytosanitary Pallets  -  we offer customized manufacturing by client’s specifications

  4. Additional Services

  • Thermal lub Heat treatment
  • Pallet drying
  • Marking pallets by burn marks
  • Marking pallets by staining
  • Designing pallets by individual requirements
  • Maintaining inventory
  • Deliveries by own transport


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